FITA 2018 Artists & DJs

Angel Fabian Coria


Angel-Fabian-CoriaHe started his professional career in 1985 at «Ballet del Plata».

In 1985 entered as a dancer in «Ballet Popular Argentino» directed by Santiago Ayala «el Chucaro» and Norma Viola. From 1990 became not only the dancer but as well a Director Assistant and Choreographer.

From 2003 he is a judge of the World Championship of Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He shared stage with great Tango Masters like Juan Carlos Copes(Play “Entre Borges y Piazzolla” (1997)won the “Estrella de Mar Awar”,and from 1998-2002 was part of Cope’s company, Mariano Mores(1995), Julian Plaza(1998), Maria y Carlos Rivarola (for world championship of Tango in 2002), Raul Lavie(1997),Virginia Luquez(2002-2005), Maria Granas(Play Copes Tango Copes 2002), Sexteto Mayor(Play “Tangos y Gaucho, Portugal, Spain Bulgaria1992), José Colangello (Japan, 1996) Osvaldo Berdincely (Japan 2003), Alberto Podesta(Spain and Portugal 1992) to name a few.

He was the director of choreography for many shows such us “Buenos Aires Bohemia” ((1998) Shanghai, China), El Viejo Almacen, Manofactura Papelera (Buenos Aires, Argentina.)He performed and was the director of choreography on TV (1990) “El Gran Debut”.

He toured and performed in USA, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

He resides in Palermo, Sicilia, has his Company of «Tango & Flamenco», each year he organizes a festival in February «Alterazioni Tango» and travel with innumerable workshops, especially are popular his seminars of Tango Therapie and seminas of Musicality.

Workshops and seminars at FITA:

  • Championship Intensive Preparation course 14-20 June 2018
  • 1. Seminar of 8 workshops «Tango Salon-Pista»
    2. Seminar of 8 workshops «Tango Escenario»
    3. Practice for championship and The first FITA Championship – 19 of June 2018
  • 4. Men Technique & Workshops (Holiday style)
    5. FREE for all participants Exclusive Musicality Workshop of 3 hour – 16 June 2018
  • for FITA Festival 21 – 25 June 2018
    Special Seminar “Musicality and Interpretation of Tango Orchestras –  Dance The Music”

TONY & ANDREAS - Los chicos de Tango Brujo


TONY-ANDREASStarted with tango in 1993. Studied with maestros Pepito Avellaneda & Gilda Suzuki, Nito & Elba Garcia, Esther & Mingo Pugliese. And younger maestros like Damian Essell & Nancy Louzan, Osvaldo Zotto, Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert and others.

Started teaching in 1999, in Belgium, Holland and Germany. And have since 1999 their own club “Tango Brujo” in the east of Belgium.

They took part at Festivals in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Lübeck, Aachen, Frankfurt, Liège, Biezenmortel, Hasselt…

Visit their web:

FB: Tony Damen (Tango Brujo)

Anna Yarigo


Anna is a professional dancer and teacher of tango Argentino since 2006.

She opened the first Tango School in Minsk, Belarus.

She had more then 25 year of dancing experience in classic, ballroom, jazz, choreography, acrobatic, kung fu, modern, hip-hop/R&B and social dancing.

Anna has been dancing with Jose Vazquez, Raul Masciocchi, German Salvatierra, Estanislao Herrera, Angel Coria. Performed and teached in all Europe, in Kuala Lumpur (Malasia), Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Her women technique seminars “Lady” are extremely popular and have 100% of practical use on the dance floor! It is a “WOMAN in TANGO” Revolution TECHNIQUE! Do not miss that unique opportunity and book a full seminar to get the best from Anna.





Workshops and seminars at FITA:

for Tango Holiday & Intensive Seminar 14-20 June 2018
1. Seminar of 8 workshops «Tango Salon-Pista»
2. Seminar of 8 workshops «Tango Escenario»
3. Women Technique & Workshops (Holiday style)

for FITA Festival 21 – 25 June 2018
Special Seminar “Lady” all about Axis and Full Body Movement in Dancing plus Full Range of Female Decorations for a free Leg